The trends in coloration never cease to amaze and the last thing that has caused rage is the white wicks. Although it sounds weird, everything has its reason. Keep reading to find out!

In recent years, the world of coloring has experienced a boom and new, much more daring and surprising trends have emerged. If we have already gone through fantasy colors and bleached hair, now it is the white wicks that cause anger.

How do you get white wicks?

Getting fashion fuses are much simpler than you think and you can do it from your own home. To do this, you only need Olia’s Extreme D +++ Bleach. With it, you will clear your hair until you get an extreme blonde that will be almost white.

Before beginning the fading process, read the instructions for use carefully and do an allergy test 48 hours before. This way you will make sure you don’t have any reaction and that the result is the one you are looking for.

Then, put on an old shirt and a towel around your shoulders. You don’t want to spoil your favorite garment! Separating the hair into two halves, go creating small sections and applying the mixture from the root to the tips in small wicks. The thinner the wick, the more uniform the final result will be, so you decide which style you like best. With the product applicator, it will be very easy to get the accuracy you are looking for.

Once the exposure time marked in the instructions has passed (keep in mind that it will vary depending on your original hair color), you should wash your hair to discover your new wicks.

If once the discoloration is finished you want to tint the hair to neutralize the yellowish reflections, the Olia Super Matting is the best option. Thanks to its violet pigments you will eliminate the orange effect that discolored hair can have and you will get the color you were looking for.

What hair suits white wicks?

Being a very clear type of wicks, it will sit well in lighter hair tones such as blond or honey brown. In dark tones, white wicks are an option to lighten the entire mane but, in that case, they should be applied throughout the head in small tufts to give homogeneity and naturalness to the tone.

In any case, this type of wick has become one of the best options for people who try to hide their gray hair. By clarifying the general color of the mane, gray hairs go much more unnoticed. In addition, it helps lengthen the time between coloration and coloration since root growth will also be hidden.

Although white wicks may seem the most daring, they are also very practical in gray hair. Would you make some wicks like that? Have you tried it yet?

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