Sometimes, having straight hair can be monotonous and ideas that always help out the monotony of hairstyles do not always arise. Therefore, these semi-picks for straight hair will inspire you and take you out of more than a stylistic hurry.

If you have straight hair, you have probably felt envious and wished you had curly hair. It seems that the curls give much more play to comb and are less boring but do not worry: straight hair also offers many possibilities if you know how to comb it.

  • Two bunnies

For two seasons, this hairstyle is all the rage and it doesn’t seem like we’re going to put it aside soon. To get it, you just have to separate the high and front part of your hair and make the line in the middle. Make two pigtails with the partitions you get and twist them on themselves until a bun is formed. This hairstyle is perfect to clear the face with a fun touch. The most for summer!

  • XXL pins

That the pins have returned is not new news. With a simple look at magazines and Instagram, it’s easy to see that it’s one of the biggest trends of the year when it comes to hairstyles. In addition to being fashionable, they become the most comfortable option to make a semi-pick in straight hair easily. To do this, you only have to choose the pin that you like the most and pick the front strands of the face on the back of the neck. The best? This hairstyle also serves special occasions and requires less than a minute. In that case, opt for a jewel pin and you will wear a most comfortable hairstyle.

  • Twisted Semi-Pick

To wear an original hairstyle you don’t always have to spend hours at the hairdresser. If you are looking for a semi-pick easy to get and with a natural finish, this is perfect. Take a lock of each side of the face and twist them until they are joined at the back of the neck. There, you can fix it with a rubber band or with forks. Do you like the boho-chic style? Then this hairstyle is for you.

  • Half high ponytail

If you lived in the nineties, surely this hairstyle marked your childhood or adolescence. Well, like everything related to that era, this hairstyle has also returned. To get the most modern look, you just have to pick up the top of the head and make a ponytail. It will be a flashback!

As you know, to get a good look the hairstyle is not the only important thing. Careful hair will shine on its own and the Smooth & Gloss range will help you get it. The Cream without Rinse 10 in 1 Smooth & Gloss will give you extra softness and shine that will look great with any of the semi-picks for straight hair that we propose here.

Do you have straight hair? How do you like combing it?

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