organic black oil sunflower seeds canada

} Please set a location to see pricing and to order online. //$('.thisCustomCheckbox #ship_to_billing_new').trigger('click'); display: block; }); All prices are in CAD. } $('.thisCustomCheckbox #ship_to_billing_new').trigger('click'); Check out our new blog "Backyard Dispatches" for the latest articles, news and updates. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? An essential ingredient in backyard bird feeding. $('.customChecbox1').remove(); this._addItem = addItems; Black Oil Sunflower. Sage Garden Members, enter your web discount code (found in your welcome email) into the "discount" field at the end of the check-out process, to apply your 10% discount directly to your web invoice. } // Change document class from no-js to js so we can detect this in css 18kg Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed.'POST', ''); .ExpressCheckoutBlockCompleted .ExpressCheckoutCompletedContent{display:none;} The flavor is nutty, a bit like the meat of sunflower seeds, with a very crunchy texture. // Registration events start -- only fire if the shopper registers an account $('.customChecbox1').click(function(){ Attracts a wide variety of backyard birds including cardinals, titmice, grossbeaks, doves, catbirds, woodpeckers, jays, grackles, magpies, red-wing blackbirds, finches, bushtits and many other species of North American wild birds. $('input.billingButton.btn').attr('value','Bill to this address & Store pick up'); ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', { window.sessionStorage.setItem('fb_conversion_key_', 'true'); $('.customRadioBtn input#r1').attr('checked',false); ga('send', 'pageview'); } function getUrlParameter(name) { Sunflower Kernel Bird Seed 3.18KG. } // Checkout events end High in oil, this seed is very beneficial to wild birds in every season. Organic Black-Oil-Sunflower Microgreen Seeds produce shoots that have the deliciously nutty flavor of raw sunflower seeds and are packed with nutrition. });