monk meaning in english

an oddly addictive, endearing cop dramady on the USA cable network, centering around the character of Adrian Monk (played by Tony Shalhoub), a San Fransisco detective battling with obsessive-compulsive disorder and his grief over the death of his late wife, Trudy. Tags for the entry "monk" Spanish words for monk include monje and religioso. From Middle English monk, from Old English munuc, from Medieval Latin, Late Latin monachus, from Ancient Greek μοναχός (monakhós, “ single, solitary ”), from μόνος (mónos, “ alone ”). Trappist monk meaning: 1. a member of a Roman Catholic organization with very extreme rules, such as no talking 2. a…. monk /mʌŋk/ Definitions. in earlier usage, an eremite or hermit devoted to solitude, as opposed to a cenobite, who lived communally. monk definition in English dictionary, monk meaning, synonyms, see also 'Black Monk',White Monk',monk's cloth',Monck'. Monk Name Meaning English: nickname for someone of monkish habits or appearance, or an occupational name for a servant employed at a monastery, from Middle English munk, monk ‘monk’ (Old English munuc, munec, from Late Latin monachus, Greek … Learn more in the Cambridge English-Polish Dictionary. It is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Hindi. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Noun . monk (n.) "member of a community or fraternity of men formed for the practice of religious devotions or duties and bound by certain vows," Old English munuc (used also of women), from Proto-Germanic *muniko-(source also of Old Frisian munek, Middle Dutch monic, Old High German munih, German Mönch), an early borrowing from Vulgar Latin *monicus (source of French moine, Spanish monje, … Meaning and definitions of monk, translation in Shona language for monk with similar and opposite words. Find more Spanish words at! Monk Hindi Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Monk in Hindi. Also find spoken pronunciation of monk in Shona and in English language. monk translate: mnich. monk (plural monks) A male member of a monastic order … The name Monk was brought to England in the wave of migration that followed the Norman Conquest of 1066. A male member of a monastic order who has devoted his life for religious service. translation and definition "monk", Dictionary English-English online. A monk (/ m ʌ ŋ k /, from Greek: μοναχός, monachos, "single, solitary" via Latin monachus) is a person who practices religious asceticism by monastic living, either alone or with any number of other monks. The correct meaning of Monk in Hindi is श्रमका. It is a name for a monk. Learn more. It is written as Vikretā in Roman. There are always several meanings of each word in Hindi.

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