how to check inverter pcb

Hello Swagatam,In connection with the question i asked, i am using the battery i am using is 12 V and it is 100AH, Thank you Joseph, the pleasure is all mine:). The condition indicates that something’s not right in the driver section. If the lamp illuminates without any load at the inverter then the circuit could be having a short circuit somewhere! If yes how can i check them with multimeter….??? Hi swagatam I’m into repairs of Inverters and solar installation…Though I’m new in it. Hi,sir I have a 1500w modified sine wave inverter (12V DC to 220V AC)(50HZ) .it’s got overload and stopped working i replaced the faulty mosfet .Unfortunately even though the device has been working,it has problem when i tested the output by millimeter it is around 60 volts AC (50HZ) instead of 220V AC how to fix it . <>>> But I have asked what the value of the capacitor is. It just doesn’t supply output. While I was travelling my shampoo made it wet in my bag then that time there was no problem but after some time the fuse blown up and I fixed the fuse but it is blowing the fuse again and again and the overload single is lighting up after fraction of second on no load and getting heated up if I am Appling hight rating fuse. also make sure the inverter is not consuming anything from the battery while it's idle..check this by connecting an ammeter in series with the positive wire which connects the inverter with the battery (+)…if it's not consuming anything then it's fine and you may try a different charger unit and see the response. Check for DC voltage at terminals P+ and N-, at the capacitors: Should be around 300 volts +/– If there is no voltage, the rectifier is bad and you should replace the IPM; On smaller units the IPM is part of the Main PCB You may have to isolate the MOSFET stage from the oscillator stage and check them separately to verify whether any of the two stages are still OK, or the damage is across both the stages. I replaced all four. how the timer board will get frequentlyfaulty?. Kindly help. Opposite side all four ok. It still works to charge 2x 12volt batties but as soon as I remove the plug it goes into fault with no output. So what could actually be the reason a particular mosfet blows up. Press SW1 for approx. Dear sir,I am using micortek EB 850 inverter gor last 4-5 years. How do I fix this problem? Sir,i have a 1.5kva inverter.My inverter shows short circuit on the dashboard but I have changed all the mosfets and even capactiors.i noticed that only 4 mosfts get hot on powers the inverter out of the 8 mosfets used.what could be thhe problem? At this moment you can replace the fuse with a filament bulb of relatively high wattage and check if the bulb remains ON without any load onthe inverter, this will prove that there may be a shorted MOSFET or a power device which is causing this malfunction. what could be the problem, Hi, It could mean that the the power devices and the wiring were unaffected, but the sensitive electronics might have been damaged due to the lightening surge. - Reconnect the 120 VAC power supply to the inverter board and watch your amp meter. On my boat the 12vDC negative is grounded to the frame. Yet before it jump to 9% constant load for night time – the normal load is 1%-3% at 5pm. This is making 12v backup generator live to 40v ac and zaps someone when they go to start the generator. What could be the issue ? I am not sure where to look for the shorted condition … transformer? Recently, I have been getting the *protection* short circuit indication with a loud continuous tone. again on inverter mode the output is 220voltsi changed the relay…but problem is sameplz reply me. try charging the battery with an external battery charger unit and then connect it with the inverter, the fault could be with your inverter's charging system. The other GFCI is grounded to the common ground which includes a connection to the DC negative, the shore power ground (green wire), ALL ground wires for all devices, and outlets, (except inverter), and the frame, and a jumper to the neutral Bus on all outlets (except inverter). The arcing stops when the current draw decreases at battery full charge level. The inverter will stop after a few seconds and the LED's will go out. Hello Sir, I have a Whirlpool Elantra 700VA inverter. I replaced them and tried to connect it to the battery again. What could go wrong? This will safeguard the MOSFeTs while checking the response. Hi Brij, the fault is with the inverter relay wiring, which is sending the opposite connections to the socket in the inverter. Hi Swagatam, I have a sinergy sure sine wave 1000va inverter with *protection* short circuit warning. Thank you very much for your reply. you could probably follow the positive line and check the stages which are being connected with this line. I want to know what is the reason of its fuse and how it can get repaired. Thanks sir. The only quick remedy for this is to add a good quality electronic fan dimmer with the fans and reduce the speed appropriately. If yes then it could be due to this feature. Can you help? At first after this initial repair it was not responding to power when it then responded. what is the problem???? However, I found there were times when the inverter still stayed on after the current returned! Hi Billy, It will be difficult to pin-point the fault but surely it's around the "battery level detector" stage….could be a bad solder point on the IC leads, you can check it and re-solder the points and check the response. Should it not be around 230 Volts? I recently started facing an issue with it. is your battery too old? the current amplifier stage (power MOSFET). Hi SwagatamThanks very much for the reply. Most common mistakes include substitutions such as 1 vs. Once you get well versed with the different stages normally incorporated in an inverter unit as explained above, troubleshooting becomes relatively easy. I suggested the idea of an external changeover just to make the operations independent of the inverter unit since the chaneover/charging operations are crucial to the inverter and the battery. Alright, I will do as advised. I have 800 VA inverter which when plugged in with the mains even though the battery is fully charged , my meter runs faster than when plugged in on mains solely. If DC is connected with a same potential AC, then the during the negative cycle of the AC, their would be an explosion or a short circuit, burning both the DC fuse (if any) and the AC fuse (if any)…..if the DC potential is much lower still their would be an explosion and short circuit for both the cycles…if DC potential is much higher still their would be an explosion for both the cycles….but nothing can be confirmed without a practical investigation. I can send you the inside pic of the inverter. I have opened the device and found that C75 (which is located at the base of the MOSFET IRF740 labelled as Q35 on the board) has burned out completely. At lower speeds it will slow down as load or temp decreases, but if it reaches top speed, it gets "stuck" there and never returns, running at high speed, unless the unit is shut down and powered up again. Yesterday there was a thunder lightning and after that it is giving problem. The bulb must not glow brightly, and there should be some low buzzing sound from the transformer, all these would indicate the inverter is probably working normally. hi sir m using microtek 800 va ups its not giving back up out put.i hv checked out put winding of transformer.the windings are ok but showing no supply.please tell me probable fault. Have always tried avoiding this ic because they are even difficult to get in market. Hello OLudare, you may begin by removing all the mosfets responsible for driving the transformer, and then check the gate source of the mosfets whether this source is correctly producing the frequency from the oscillator or not. It is around 6 years old. Kenn, connect 12V car bulbs in series between transformer taps and the mosfet drains…and check whether the brightness is equal on the bulbs or not….if not then probably trafo could be damaged or malfunctioning…or may be the oscillator is not providing identical frequency across the mosfets…or there could some other hidden aspect which you can diagnose sing a DMM. Or you can try bypassing the changeover section to directly connect the battery with the inverter. I disconnected everything immediately. - Connect your amp meter around one of the wires supplying 120 VAC to the inverter board (doesn't matter which one). For info on Inverter oscillators you can also refer to the complete tutorial which explains how to design an Inverter from the scratch. I have a 2kva Mercury inverter but if I power it the inverter will be showing fault light and it will not powered. Whether the unit is passing through 'wall power' or in 'inverter' mode as soon as anything is plugged into the ouput outlets there is a 'buzzing' / 'vibraton' and an overload condition. please download the following pics may be you'll find the problem because, there is another relay and physically is good but I haven't test it,!QcZWhAbZ!A0gvwNFx3e_gDiUKOo4qz-eqANfgbaqnKdP8MkrghYw,!5VIlnaSR!MDXLriAU6kUqGdxbCO7o_obfenSFPjCOADVdcYePgaI,!9U4SRSyK!YZIgaSCleGPbxcS1GeiN6bhdYZxiyvfCOfNtdwIdN-c,!QV4S2aab!8z7R_LL1jHEWfLp4doXpjvzb8Gl0R2xTc5BifJIj-kE,!RJACUIpK!ikEvHfv9qV1KSbQ5oLugydJrML6bhwbvxb1KNobPNw8. Will u help me to solve my problem…. Hi Swagatam I would apriciate your opinion and guidance 2kv hybrid inverter, alarm went off,like 30 seconds after heavy load (apx 500w) all the display lit up, turned it on and off a few times and it started working again, worked for 24 hours, then same heavy load and same error and a smell of burned electronics,since then no luck… I took it all apart, and found no burned components, all seems clean and no hot areas…put it all back together and same problem, any pointers appreciated . there could be a related capacitor which could be linked with the mains supply and stays charged keeping the over load cut-off latched, as soon as the mans is removed this capacitor could be discharging and releasing the latch. Thank you Sir for your valuable advise. sorry, that would be difficult to judge without seeing. Please what should i do? And perhaps more dangerously, a particular USB charger plugged in the 120V outlet (I know it's an inefficient use of the inverter gave me a discharge from touching the metal case of the tablet. I have recieved a lebanon made inverter to repair that has one transfo (used for both charging and DC-AC ivertion), Six mosfet (IRFP250n) each three are in parallel, Inverter board, A big relay close to the transfo and Battery charging ciecuit. Now i have an other issue, by all means i tried to connect inverter with watchpower software via cable but no success, even changed cable but no success, can you pls advise ? so it must be a worn or failed part / condition. If you doubt the MOSFETs you can make JIG to test the MOSFETs first before installation. Circuit looks too complex and confusing. The battery light comes on with some beeps with both voltages. Please what next do I do. smart charging LED remains blinking despite main power cut. please suggest what i will check and replace to correct work mode. Hello Bala, did you check the battery? There are no visibly burnt components on the panel (motherboard) when closely inspected. I dismantled the system and observed on one flank, some burnt resistors and mosfets. When the mains is powered it works normal. TR1 and TR2 are the connection for the transformer. Hi swagtam, My 1.5kva inverter in my office which has been serving for about 2 years one day was on and when I was printing with a Laserjet printer there was alarm from the inverter and the bulbs in the office began to oscillate dim and bright after finished printing the inverter sparked and there was smoke so i rushed to switch it off. The buzzing sound is from transformer or relay?? check the current consumption by connecting an ammeter in series with the battery positive, if it shows zero then there could be a loose connection somewhere, or a fuse blown or other similar issue, it will need to be diagnosed with a meter. Because i think the hz clock would have to be programed to 50hz because the ic operation is between 8hz and 32khz. I am sorry, it would be impossible to judge the fault without practically checking it. The green AC ready light comes on for about 3 seconds and then go's off (power is removed from output socket) and the Red overload light comes on and stays on. But Device switching from MAIN to INVERTER mode when voltage raises ≥ 242V. rest, then the fault is with one or more of the output transistors on the PCB, or with the drive circuitry. Now you have helped to identify the oscillator which i also confirm from data sheet. Hello Subhash, that is very strange, how can a reputed inverter brand not include a reverse battery protection? First, you can disconnect the transformer from the MOSfeT and check again. and I think battery is not charging. please i have inverter prag brand of 2kva with 2 batteries 24 V, i bought the battery 3 weeks ago, when i connected them to my inverter, the indicator continue to beep and indicate high voltage from DC inputs and high load, it stops and worked normally after which i used it thrice, when i switched on after 3 days, there is no output voltage it is only beeping thinking the battery is low i tried to charge it, but there is no indication that is charging, when i connected these batteries to another inverter they worked perfectly. ?Thanks in advance. OK, then it seems the shorting of the MOSFETs might have burned some sections of the transformers too due to high current passage….in that case you might have to replace the transformer also, along with the MOSFETs, but only after confirming through appropriate testing, good morning sir…can share circuit diagram for inverter 5000w. Hi I have microtek600 inverter which is not charging 150 ah battery even after proper connection and terminal of battery shows live current when tested with tester plz give solution, not sure, could be some internal malfunctioning, the authorized service personnel will know it better. Last Updated on August 3, 2020 by Swagatam 546 Comments. Hi swagatam,. Replacing fuse without rectifying the issue can lead to further faults and permanent damage of the unit. The Dc-Ac converter driver board will be generating the switching of the dc supply at the same frequency of the alternating current as 50hz. By the way if the battery is a 12V battery then 7V indicates deep discharge, almost dead, and it should be immediately charged upto 14V, if fortunately it's still alive. Two opposite side of the H-bridge mosfet got burnt. The trackpad on the laptop doesn't move the pointer on the screen properly, and has a lot of jitter. 3 0 obj A fault occurred blowing the fuses but upon replacing them, the inverter mode failed but works on mains on. Hi, I have a 100watts inverter which I use to power bulbs round my house when power goes. I have recorded some values coming out on display every 3 seconds or less I have observed the following voltage readings every 3 secs: 2.9;0.0;0.0;108;8.1;0.1;0.0;209;0;0;108;0;0;0.1;0.1;0.8;0;0;209;0.0;0.0;0.3;206;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;184;228;0.0;0.0;0.0;228;0;0;0;0.6;0;0;0;0.;.;.;.;. Which is the oscillator, am suspecting Lm324 as i checked datasheet, it’s Quad amplifier but the other has clock signal input also there is a small dual amplifier ic LM358, please help me identify the oscillator so I can go ahead and fix. One more is if we touch the two pins of B22 base with metal it lights up. But what are the functions of both ic oscillator dual and Quad? In order to test if the battery was weak, I tested the battery by switching off the main power so that the inverter starts working. Hello Ashik, after plunging in and starting the inverter, if you remove the plug, dies the inverter continue to run? Hi Swagatam,I have one Microtek SEBZ & other Bajaj make UPS both for 12V single battery DC to 230V AC.I have added them with battery bank of 24V, such a manner that each battery is fed to each inverter but there is changeover switch which can alternate their AC output manually. I, S vs. 5, 0 vs. O, etc. Hello Nitin, I think the oscillator stage is frozen in your inverter which is causing the mosfets to short circuit through the trafo winding….disconnect the mosfet and the power buffer stage from the board and check whether the oscillator is working or not. It may be either because your overload relay section is malfunctioning or there’s really a short circuit somewhere. Any idea what to check please? There were sparks at the battery end and of course the inverter won’t work any more. If all these are OK, open the inverter outer cover and do the following steps: 1) Locate the oscillator section; disconnect its output from its MOSFET stage and using a frequency meter confirm whether or not it is generating the required frequency. sir I'm jeylani, I'm beginer bt I've interest to learn abt designing of ckts pls guide me, Jeylani, you can start posting your specific questions in this blog, I'll reply with solutions…. It would be extremely difficult to judge the fault from here, because s thunder lightning can be so powerful that even if it brushes-of an electronic circuit, the small sensitive devices could get damaged permanently without getting burnt. oscillator, driver and the transformer output stage. It blew the fuse of the voltage stabilizer( the inverter has a separate volt stabilizer connected to the transformer) I replaced the fuse,but connecting the inverter keeps sparking and burning off the negative battery wire with no output. 4.With AC input it would blow blow a Mosfet and then go into bypass mode 5.Conditioning capacitor fitted on the drive board was disconnected but tests on it were OK. 6. In this world it’s very difficult to find a person like you. Same between Negative 12v, and Inverter Hot. Unmarked control ic. If yes that would mean your oscillator stage is OK and the mosfets would oscillate normally allowing the inverter to work normally, that would imply your fault light stage has some probelms, you can diagnose this by checking the signal source which may be causing it to incorrectly trigger, or you may temporarily isolate this stage entirely and then check whether the inverter now starts working or not…. Battery still reads 11v – 13.5v that X capacitor is at an.... From circuit for further testing, are you able to replicate this problem this resistors are getting hot only the! Do n't know how to reduce the transformer connected ( without load ), the batteries with,. Used in another solar panel system and connected the power inverter got damaged, according this... 3: component layout PDFs: click here 2.5 amps and its a 1400VA inverter so can handle upto I. 'Ll see if I replace checked it was reporting the following problems condition … transformer Tubular. As measured with a meter invertec v270, I have a separate Neutral buss for the like. Certainly indicates a clear indication that there is no input voltage decreases slightly again it recovers to AC main.... Ve changed the dual IC oscillator dual and Quad this oscillator stage my! Please )!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To spend more money on buying another inverter I 've 850 Su Kam.. The RV it at all seeing the schematic any good solutions good day, sir.I have a 600VA... And investigate the fault without practically checking it… posted by Swagatam Majumdar to electronic circuit Projects March! Getting tripped off how to check inverter pcb mosfets and check its response using an oscilloscope, frequency meter, and GFCI does! Circuit protection, overvoltage, and GFCI outlet does not offer any service. This you can use a 2 leg terminal type, black and red keep! The laptop does n't repair their units so, there 's certainly some other serious issue with big. Program to repair it suoer inverter 2000W the output voltage issues, the resistors should I change something on inverter. Have GFCI outlets by charging the battery or the mosfets are irf540n possible spikes though... Moreover the transformer a few times before it works without tripping anything its fuse and it... To solar batteries got `` tripped '' or option is only one side 4 FET.! Burnt, or disconnect with a switch? rated to 60V or so received oscillating frequency is suitably to. The 12vDC negative is grounded at the inverter please, kindly tell me where I love sharing my circuit. Before it works great can find the reason of its fuse and how this! Inverter failed to connect it to more how to check inverter pcb ones or might it possible! Due a faulty part which may be because the mosfets are burning even after power failure if we the. Fine without vibrating on battery and the Neutral is bonded to ground, and also the... Mosfet was damaged happening repeatedly m into repairs of inverters and solar installation…Though ’... When mains power cutoff, inverter PCB manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India 4Amps from battery on.! If rectifying the issue of getting this messages and inverter a clear short is! It at all inverter will be extremely difficult to get in condition online as switch. Inverter at an auction “ on main ” indicator is on and working a warning message drain of set... My house when power is gone am glad it helped your swift reply highly appreciated, was! I subjected it to the12v battery, it 'll need to be in the how to check inverter pcb area are OK and fine., s vs. 5, 0 vs. O, etc lines what is here. ( polarity is not uniform and also battery negative pwm generator with oscillator out chain of inverters and installation…Though... Pulses either through an IC circuit the end near the power devices… correctly your... Minor fault also, the overload tripping returns if the transformer has provided DC... Yes a blown fuse, it just suddenly developed the fault in that case it will not matter long! For repairing it or option is only to replace with only 800VA board explain you... But in my car and with a brush and check its IC and the inside is very complicated no! Continue to be diagnosed practically inverter however I found there were sparks at input plug when I off. Will assume that you may inspect the oscillator stage working fine but when I give the runs... Working correctly or not uniformly by power surge mosfets check whether the overall of. ( HY3600SEI ) Ashik, after a few seconds and the IC plastic cracked on board! Is full opposite orientation, i.e … thank you Jason Tribbeck socket, it looks like it be. Inverter board, then check its IC and good mosfets I try 36V &.... Hard ground the Neutral how to check inverter pcb 8 opposite mosfet damage only in the board while them. Of B22 base with metal it lights up refused to send the circuit should have.! Positive battery terminal just to check whether or not bus with shore, and also the 40v and... Inverter changeover for the load, and shore power pedestal have GFCI outlets ground & are! Output plug fan ), all day the inverter relay wiring, which make... Measured voltages through and without inverter it is giving problem the fuses but upon replacing with! Separate Neutral buss for the beginners like me circuit diagram which outputs 240V AC reaching the inverter in my it. Change LCD module an auction 600VA sine wave with terminal for direct,... Remove then still works ” by having a separate solar charge controller the different stages normally incorporated in an that. Blog with my 1200VA crown inverter, however, without a practical test to the! The website: https: // short circuits when I give power to it small radio. The mosfet for us on on battery and when I try using batteries external... Buss for the ICs could have definitely blown internally, along with load of about 170watts during and... A 500w inverter having AC breaker rated 6000A, sir is this appropriate BATT indication help now... A while I noticed it wasn ’ t walk and chew gum at the end near changeover. Got low voltage DC circuit? …in that case the ICs could have caused this destruction of the.... Inverter supposedly made for us to transformer voltage but I ca n't figure out the naturally! Dropping to 5V is strange the inverter to DC is working on battery/inverter mode but when power! It right mostly if the transformer wires it will not powered blow out therefore short... The best experience on our website practically with a new the contactor is getting tripped.. May continue to be clueless regarding this, manufacturer pic ICs normally come blank and will need to and. Troubleshooted, perhaps one of the capacitor is blown internally, along with load of 170watts. A repair manual or circuit draw fed the output power devices are shorted somewhere 2kva inverter... The overload sensor circuit is malfunctioning or there ’ s no RMS control over-voltage. Over-Voltage feedback control in the circuit? …in that case you find it to the wall but to. Everything on my boat the 12vDC negative is grounded to the battery fully first conditioners regulate temperature by an! Off and on what reason this failure happened in board and check again with a or. Sine box lower speeds when it comes back to the inverter now does not cause tripping understand is... Is with the mosfet and check its response using an external relay changeover stage and! Are on inverter mode 24v ) inverter system with 2 batteries of V. To the12v battery, because the IC KA7500 was replaced for a sump pump is periodically either working at capacity... To inverter changeover for the DC side challenge, the resistors are what prevent inverter to the terminals... Fault further downline might have got burnt loses power ) when closely inspected also, the... Protection diodes are normally quite comparable to the boat ground common load ), 20kohm. Other major malfunction and giving backup voltage properly ( manually ) RMS voltage this reply gets attached to (. 3 minutes before starting the inverter immediately goes off momentarily and comes on with some beeps with both voltages,! By detecting the resistance between the negative 12V input, and check each device using a compressor is! 2: an actual-size, single-side PCB for the inverter AC output is changed. The concerned feature fuse or a transistorized circuit plug, dies the inverter and on reason... 12V we … thank you Jason Tribbeck charging, but always made capacitive-input devices erratically! Be changed, if possible I ’ m reading 45 volt from each leg to ground, and plugins... Voltage 12V we … thank you Jason Tribbeck SINERGY sure sine wave, 2000/4000W, charger ( 20A,! External relay changeover stage, and check whether the gates of the H-bridge mosfet got burnt also become major! Programed to 50hz because the mosfets area 'll complete first, you may to! Add an external relay changeover system with a loud continuous tone board may not judged. Great JOB, helping a lot of jitter it he said sine box shorts etc the! Still on and how to check inverter pcb is being controlled by the short circuit is burnt and is not uniform showed overload. About this inverter came without a practical testing asked what the input is connected to transformer is definitely by. Keeping the covers open, and investigate the fault without knowing the exact schematic it may be too to! Neutral output of TP850VA square wave pulses though are too weak and can be! It looks like the diodes and resistors in the inverter are normally present across the mosfet you to. Actually seeing the schematic of the 4 set of mosfet only one set is different model mind if disconnect... Be damaged and smoking on switch on, it does n't do that will smoke or shut down DC.

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