Surely banana is one of your essential fruits in your diet but it is much more than that. Yes, the tropical fruit that has accompanied us throughout life (and during all seasons of the year) is not only beneficial to our health, but it can also be a basic beauty element.

Thanks to its fantastic composition of nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, E; and minerals such as potassium and zinc, bananas have become a key ingredient to obtain strong and hydrated hair. So, if you feel that your hair is always dry and has lost its natural strength, we have what you were looking for!

Why is banana good for hair?

If we talk about an enemy of scissors, we have to mention vitamin E, because, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps us repair the damage that occurs in the follicles and thus enhances the growth of healthy hair. Come on, if you’re looking to strengthen your hair and not have to go through the hairdresser to clean your hair often, it’s your ally ingredient.

But did you know what also enhances the volume of hair and is recommended by all experts? Zinc. This mineral is essential for hair growth, as it balances hormone levels and builds healthy cells to prevent hair loss. The banana has great content in this mineral and that is why it is your key to getting a voluminous palazzo.

These two basic elements to have a nourished and hydrated mane are found in food as natural and essential as banana, but if you are also tired of having dull hair and have tried all kinds of treatments, read this!

The nutritional power of bananas

We show you a natural remedy made of two very ripe bananas and a large spoon of olive oil. Crush the entire mixture and apply it to all the hair, from the root to the ends, for half an hour, and you will see what shine your hair gives off!

Even so, if you do not want to leave your whole house without bananas and want something much simpler to use, we present the Hair Food Banana mask , which can be used as a conditioner, mask and, also, as a treatment without rinsing, perfect for applying it for the night and thus wake up with a fully hydrated hair. It has become the favorite product of many and it is not surprising: its smell is addictive and leaves the hair nourished and shiny.

And, as if that were not enough, it is a product free of parabens and silicones, with 98% of natural ingredients, among them, citrus and pineapple extracts stand out; and hazelnut and coconut milk.

Did you know that bananas hid all these hair benefits? Have you ever made a mask with this ingredient?

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