Essential oils have many advantages for skincare, hair and also for men – maybe your boyfriend is dreaming of having the best beard oil. Do you want to know which are the best? Keep reading!

The hair requires specific care depending on its type. These products to take care of your hair include ingredients specially designed to meet the needs of certain hair and essential oils can be protagonists of the formula.

What are the best essential oils?

  • Lavender

This aromatic plant not only has many skin properties. In addition to having a very relaxing smell widely used in aromatherapy, it is also a perfect skincare ingredient. The essential oil of this plant helps to stop hair loss. To do this, you must massage a few drops of the oil diluted in water by the scalp. Then, extend it to the tips. Ideally, do it at night a couple of times a week and wash your hair the next morning. In addition to taking advantage of its hair benefits, you will discover how relaxing its smell is. You will sleep better and wake up with better hair!

  • Mint

Peppermint oil also helps take care of our hair, specifically to strengthen hair and help its growth. Menthol, present in mint, favors blood flow in the scalp that helps improve the health of our hair. In addition, it provides a very pleasant feeling of freshness.

To try it, you simply dilute a few drops of oil in water and apply it with a massage on the scalp.

  • Tea tree

This essential oil is highly valued for its antiseptic properties that help soothe an itchy scalp. In addition, it helps end dandruff, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to hair.

  • Pistachio

The oil of this delicious dried fruit hides a lot of hair properties. And, it is a powerful moisturizer that keeps your hair nourished from the inside. In addition, its high magnesium content helps strengthen the hair for stronger hair. These benefits make it a perfect ingredient for curly hair. Therefore, in the Fructis Nutri Rizos range, you will find pistachio oil. Using the Nutri Curls Shampoo combining it with the Nutri Curl Mask and the Nutri Curls Uncolored Cream, you will notice your curly hair with more movement and without the frizz. You will fall in love with your hair and some curls with much more roll!

If you have not yet tried the benefits of essential oils in your hair, you will now want to start using them. Did you know them yet? Have you tried any?

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