Dyeing your hair is not something for everyone. There are women who take advantage of those moments of relaxation and free time to devote to some beauty rituals such as dye, while others fear that moment of color change in their hair for the final result they can get.

But we all have something in common if we finally dare to dye our hair: we want to improve and take care of our hair when we face a color change ! Therefore, it is important to choose the right color and we prefer many natural hair dyes.

Natural hair dyes, ideal for the care of your hair

We have always heard that we can lighten the hair with chamomile at home, make it redder with henna or darker with black tea, but normally all those hair products associated with coloring properties are much more effective as ingredients in cosmetics.

Natural assets have been used for centuries to dye their hair by dying at home. The traditional ones are usually effective, since, although you will not get a change of tone too noticeable, they can improve the color of your hair avoiding, both the root effect and mistreating the hair with too many chemicals.

Dye nourishing hair

The use of natural hair dyes has become popular for its benefits when caring for hair, and for its naturalness, since they cause a very subtle color change that allows, for example, to cover gray hair without damaging the hair.

Nourish the hair while changing color is essential. With the Nutrisse range, we have this possibility because it is a color that achieves perfect hair by nourishing it while dyeing and achieving a natural finish.

In addition, you should not only think about nutrition during the time of dye but for the future, so ensure nutrition and protection for 8 weeks with the same coverage on gray hair! And it is that Nutrisse’s super nutritious mask is enriched with 4 oils: avocado, olive, shea, and redberry. The four together make your hair look super silky and soft and ensure its duration.

Other products, such as those in the Olia range, also cover all gray hair and ensure a bright and natural finish, as well as a visible improvement in hair quality. Its formula enriched with natural floral oils does not contain ammonia so it does not damage the hair fiber. You will get a long-lasting radiant color and a silky smooth hair!

Choose the type of dye you choose, the important thing is that you familiarize yourself with its components to verify that your hair type is the most suitable. Once you choose the tone with which you identify most, do an allergy test beforehand to avoid any reaction and after 48h, apply it carefully on your hair. Then it will only look at your new color and go thinking if, on the next occasion, we will keep the same or bet on a different color.

If soon you are going to bet on a change of look or have to renew your hair color, tell us on our social networks what is your favorite brand and color. We look forward to your Stories!

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