You’ve probably heard of vegetable keratin but you may not know all its benefits for hair. Keep reading to learn all about this ingredient!

For hair care, there are many ingredients that respond to each specific need of your hair type. Some ingredients are natural and help a lot to take care of the hair. Vegetable keratin is just one of them, discover all the advantages it offers!

What is vegetable keratin?

Keratin is a protein that makes up the outermost layers of the skin, hair, and nails. This protein is very important in the structure of the hair and, with the passage of time, it is lost. Therefore, if you want to slow down the weakening of the mane, keratin treatments usually give very good results.

Vegetable keratin usually comes from cereals such as corn or soybeans and has many advantages for hair.

What advantages does vegetable keratin have in the hair?

Keratin is usually known to be present in many straightening treatments and is one of its great advantages, although it has many more.

  • It helps retain the natural keratin in the hair. As we mentioned, the loss of keratin in natural hair is normal due to external factors such as sun or pollution. Vegetable keratin helps “seal” the hair fiber and prevent this ingredient from escaping.
  • It helps control frizz. The ‘frizz’ is one of the biggest concerns of many people with straight hair and vegetable keratin is a great ally to fight frizz.
  • It facilitates smoothing. This protein works from inside the hair fiber and softens the hair, making the straightening process much easier.

How to apply vegetable keratin?

To take advantage of this valuable ingredient in hair care, you do not need to resort to treatments in hairdressing. The Fructis Smooth & Gloss range contains vegetable keratin and, together with its natural argan oil, it becomes a perfect care range for straight, unruly or difficult hair straightening.

To take care of your hair, you can use the Smooth & Shine Shampoo next to the Smooth & Shine Conditioner and the Smooth & Shine Mask. If you also want an extra treatment on your hair, this range has the perfect product. The 10-in-1 Smooth & Bright Gloss Cream makes it easy to smooth and protect it from heat. This way you will get extra shine and softness and you will forget about the split ends! The best? You can apply it to comb your hair and protect your hair from heat. As it does not need rinsing, it will become your essential product to apply at any time.

Once you try the advantages of vegetable keratin, you surely won’t want to go back.

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