Discover how to make the most of this trend without giving up your short hair look.

The balayage wicks are ideal to illuminate the face and highlight the tonality of the eyes while providing a very cool and fashionable look. But can they be applied to short or medium hair? Sure! Just follow these simple tips to get it.

Balayage VS Californians

We can say that the balayage wicks are the best way to illuminate and give visual volume to your hair, because it consists in making a gradient of color from the base of the hair, which maintains its natural color, to the tips that are clarified little to a little bit. But they have nothing to do with California wicks, eye! These are much more subtle and less marked, that is, they remain as natural reflections.

In the famous Californian wicks, there is no color progression, but the exchange between the lightest and darkest part is done by a gradient to the middle of the hair, which makes the certain length of the mane below the neck so that they can be done correctly.

The good thing about balayage wicks is that you don’t need a long mane to wear this style. In fact, they look great on short hair. Wearing a short and well-groomed mane is sometimes a better option than wearing long, careless hair. Without forgetting that it is much more comfortable!

Aim! Balayage wicks step by step

  1. Have your hair clean, combed and untangled, easier with short hair, right?
  2. Separate the upper part of the hair by picking it up in a bun, leaving the front and back part loose.
  3. With the help of a towel and gloves to protect your skin and your clothes, mix the lightening products. The Far Bleaching D +++ can help achieve this rinse. It also has no ammonia, so it will prevent damage to your hair!
  4. Separate the hair into strands, with 3 or 4 will be enough.
  5. Apply the product on the tips with a slight blur. It is recommended to leave the front strands to the end and not apply it over the chin to achieve a slightly more discreet and natural effect; Although actresses like Blanca Suarez have opted for a more radical effect, wearing this style perfectly with a half-length that looks great on her.

Short hair hairstyles with balayage wicks

Now that you know how to easily make some balayage wicks in short hair from home, we tell you what are the hairstyles that best feel that hair color. Although in general, any hairstyle feels good to this tone because of the luminosity it brings to the face, the truth is that there are some that are especially good.

  • Surf waves

The surf waves look perfect in such hair. Not only will you get the most natural effect, perfect for the most relaxed plans, it will also give the impression that you have achieved your new hair color with the lightening of the sun. Test it!

  • Braids

If you want to contribute with a more boho style, try to make small braids spread all over your head. The idea is that they do not follow a pattern but are placed randomly. If you want a more hippie result, you can decorate them with beads. Ideal for summer!

Have you seen how easy it is? What are you waiting for to give your hair a new summer air? Balayage wicks will make you look as radiant as ever, without losing that comfort of wearing short hair.

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